About Us

Daniel Anderson and Marvin Shaw offer a unique approach to psychological and emotional health and wellbeing through the timeless wisdom of the Kabbalah.

Daniel Anderson daniel@tiferet.co.uk

Daniel delivers Soul Dynamics, a therapeutic approach to psychological and emotional health & wellbeing, which integrates the wisdom embedded within the Kabbalah in a practical and accessible format, focusing on the 10 Primary Principles behind all human experience. He has over 15 years direct experience in the field of human growth and development, having worked with a diverse clientele in a variety of individual and group contexts. A proficient public speaker, presenter and broadcaster, Daniel studied at Yeshivat Darché Noam in Jerusalem; has a Degree in Psychology, Politics and Economics; a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance; and certification in counselling, life coaching, and entrepreneurship. He also brings with him a wide range of real life experience, which has included a career in the cut and thrust of politics as well as having worked across the commercial, education, charity and voluntary sectors.

Daniel lives in London, England

Marvin Shaw marvin@tiferet.co.uk

Marvin delivers Person-Centred Colour Therapy, a therapeutic approach to psychological and emotional health & wellbeing, which focuses on the 12 Specific Healing Actions to help you dissipate negative feelings and free any blockages. He is fascinated by the connection between Kabbalah, personal growth, fulfillment and joy. Author of '10 Days to Change Your Life' and the newly-published 'Kosher Happiness: A 12-Step Programme to Reveal and Release your Inner Potential', he shows, in a very practical way how an ancient tradition can help people of all faiths and none get the very best from life. Marvin is an experienced practitioner with certification in counselling, life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, art therapy, breathing methods and reiki; he is also a qualified youth and community worker; has taught personal development in settings across the world; and also presented and appeared on a variety of radio stations.    

Marvin lives in London, England