Welcome to TIFERET

At Tiferet we recognize that the most difficult person to advise is often ourselves, which is why we offer an integrated approach to psychological and emotional health & wellbeing, based on the timeless, but accessible wisdom of the Kabbalah.

The Problem

Conscious anxiety reflects a subconscious fear that we are unable to deal with the varying, often unexpected and competing demands of everyday life.

Instead, we can become withdrawn, self-absorbed and focused on what we think we lack, frustrated that we are not where we think we should be, and perhaps even envious of what others have achieved.

The Solution

Tiferet's methodology considers the underlying causes of anxiety, stress, anger and depression, i.e. how you generally relate to people, events, situations and circumstances that you encounter in your everyday life.

We will help you confront and re-characterize your attitude towards anger, stress and anxiety in whichever way they manifest themselves in your daily life, e.g. whether they be caused by specific triggers, such as difficult relationships, bereavement, exams, long-working hours, unemployment, moving home or, perhaps, have no obvious basis.

Our aim is simply to

  • help you live the life you were born to live;
  • to discover your inner voice and personal vision;
  • to help facilitate and liberate a sense of possibility.

 We look forward to welcoming you personally.

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